About Us 

Dominique Journet 

 Dominique is a former administrative assistant who enjoyed “getting off work” and having a beer or two with friends. She had a sudden idea to create a cartoon about wacky characters who work in a brewery, thus began “World of Broke!”, a cartoon about what it’s like to work and have fun making beer, always being broke, and always enjoying life! 


Mark Monroe 

 Mark is a genius who has been producing music for over 20 years. He wrote the theme song for “World of Broke!” and comes up with fantastic ideas of new songs for the cartoon, and funny plots about all that can go wrong working in a brewery. 


Malachi Staples 

 Malachi is our animator – he’s the best in taking the characters from the script to the screen – cartoon, that is. Malachi puts real life into the brewery gang and creates all the unique backgrounds and sound effects. He also works in casting and has put together a great group of people. 


Kevin Hart 

 Kevin is our consultant; an expert in entertainment who has produced plays and shows in Colorado and beyond. He keeps us on track with the cartoons and reminds us to “stick with the beer and fun!” 


Eric Thompson 

 Eric is the best in screen writing. He’s written movies, T.V. series and is now our screen writer for several of the cartoon episodes. He’s been in the entertainment business for years and is excited to keep creating ideas for the show. 


Shirley Johnson 

 Shirley is our local talent director and adds characters to the plot who work hard, can’t seem to save any money and love drinking beer with their buddies. She has a legal background and has really helped us in forming the “World of Broke!” 

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