Getting To Know The Characters 

Running Broke – is a tall, slender, working middle-class character who’s been at the brewery for five years.  He likes fast cars, baseball and a beer every now and then.  His best friend is Beer Belly Broke.

Beer Belly Broke – is shorter than Running Broke, and thick around the waste.  He’s always thinking of ways to get an easier job at the brewery, or how to get rich quick.  He loves drinking beer 24/7.

GBC – short for Give Brother a Chance.  He’s a co-worker of the 3 main characters, and is working at the brewery only until he can make it as a rock star.  He wants to be the Ayatollah of Rock N-Rolla!

Sexy Sally – a Latin beauty who gets to work early every day and is the last person to leave at night.  She’s best known for her witty, off-handed remarks that surprises everyone

No Money Hunnie – is a petite, pretty blond who is dedicated to her husband, Running Broke, her son, Empty Pockets and loves being “hot!”

Jett Lu – the fastest worker in the brewery and he gets along well with everyone.  People are constantly getting his last name wrong, confusing him with the movie star “Jett Li.”  He doesn’t know any of

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